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bones are bleading

Maybe vegan is a good option???

Autism & Asberger's Syndrome Nutritional Recommendations: It's critical to have them eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables ( high fiber diet). Eating 50-75% raw foods, including large amount of fruits and vegetables ( void of pesticides/chemicals ), brown rice, lentils and potatoes.
Protein: beans, legumes, fish, raw nuts and seeds, skinless white turkey (with no added hormones or antibiotics), tofu and low fat all natural yogurt.

Eliminate: Alcohol, caffeine, canned and packaged foods, carbonated beverages, chocolate, all junk food, refined and processed foods, salt sugar sweets, saturated fats, soft drinks and white flour. Avoid all foods that contain artificial flavors and colors, MSG, or preservatives. Avoid fried and fatty foods such as bacon, cold cuts luncheon meats, gravies, ham, sausage and avoid all dairy products except for low fat soured products.

Avoid wheat and wheat products, drink steamed distilled water, eat frequent small meals.

Research strongly shows many autistic people are sensitive to dairy products, and may be sensitive to strawberries, citrus fruits, behavior reactions to these foods can be seen immediately or within 36 hours of consumption.

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